PCRS Computers We Are Here To Help You

PCRS Computers We Are Here to Help You
If you own a computer that is sluggish or is experiencing loading issues, random “blue screens” and even freezing, you may need to find a repair service that can help you to fix your computer so you do not lose any personal data or important documents of yours. Working with PCRS Computers allows you to have your computer repaired by professionals without an expensive charge while also offering you the ability to have your computer diagnosed remotely right from home for a small service fee.

Before Working With PCRS Computers

Before you decide to work with PCRS for your own computer, you should first save any files and documents to an external hard drive to make back ups of anything you may need for future reference. If you are unable to do so or if your computer will not turn on, you may need to inform the repair company of these issues and to handle the computer with additional care for the hard drive if you still have files that need to be recovered.

You should also (if possible), create a list of all of the problems you are experiencing with your computer so you are able to better assess the problem you are dealing with and you can spend less time having your computer with a professional to help.

Computer Repair Services Available From PCRS Computers

Whether you believe your computer has been infected with malware, spyware, or even another form a virus, or if you are unsure of the problem you are dealing with. PCRS is able to help with determining the root of the problem you have with your computer without having to bring your computer into a repair shop, as long as you are able to turn the computer on. Remote diagnosis on your computer will allow you determine whether your computer has spyware, malware, or any other form of viruses installed onto the hard drive. Ridding software that is obsolete or unused in addition to clearing up files, cleaning cache and cookies from internet browsers, and even using registry cleaning software is a way for you to keep your computer running for as long as possible without issues.

If you have registry errors, outdated software, or slow internet along with your computer, a remote diagnosis will help to fix these issues so your computer will run at its optimal speed. If you are located near PCRS and you are interested in having a technician professional from the company look at your computer in person, you can also do so for a minimum of $15 per hour as long as you live within 20 miles of the company.

Hardware can also be repaired, looked at, upgraded, or entirely replaced by PCRS depending on the issues you are having. Whether your computer’s hard drive, motherboard, graphics card, sound card, or even your CD and DVD (or blu-ray) drive is malfunctioning, PCRS is able to help. Additionally, if you are looking to have a DVD, CD or blu-ray drive installed, you can do so with PCRS Computers. All hardware installations cost a minimum of the fee for the actual hardware in addition to a $15 labor cost for installation as well.

When you are in need of having new software installed, PCRS can help for just $5 per program, regardless of the type of program you are interested in (whether it is for gaming purposes or for business reasons). Upgrading software and programs you currently have installed on your computer is possible for just $5 per program as well, with an additional $15 per hour plus the cost of software if you are just purchasing it and having it installed for the first time. If you are new to using computers and you are interested in formal training of how to use your computer and how to maintain its condition, you can opt for training from PCRS for $15 per hour as well.

In addition to offering professional assistance to those who are experiencing computer issues on an individual basis, PCRS Computers also offers services for small businesses, depending on the plan you choose and the maintenance you are seeking. There are basic, monthly, and yearly maintenance plans available from PCRS Computers that can suit any needs from regular computer maintenance and upkeep to unlimited remote repairs, varying with each plan. Maintaining your computers when you are running a business is essential to keep all data stored away and accessible at all times without worrying about losing the information due to an infected or lagging computer. Keeping your business computers maintained will also allow your employees to work quicker, therefore allowing you to work more efficiently overall.

Along with offering repair services for both businesses and individuals, PCRS Computers also has custom built computers available to choose from to purchase pre-built, or you can also have the service help you with customizing and building your own computer with the specs you have in mind, regardless of whether you want a business computer or if you are looking to build a custom gaming computer.

When you have old and outdated computer parts you no longer have any use for, PCRS accepts various computer parts, electronics, and other accessories ranging from televisions and computer monitors to servers, wire cables, and even entire printers. You can get a quote directly from PCRS by visiting the official website after you determine the parts you want to rid from your own personal collection.

How to Seek Assistance From PCRS Computers

If you have determined you are interested in seeking out the help from PCRS Computers, and you have already factored in the costs, your budget, and the potential cause of the problems you are handling, you can then look for assistance from PCRS computers right from home, online, or even by calling the company directly yourself. All of the contact information for PCRS including email links and submission forms (available on the official PCRS Computers website http://www.pcrscomputers.com) is available within just a few clicks of viewing the PCRS website and the services they have to offer.

When you have already figured out the services you need from PCRS Computers, you can also opt to use the PCRS Computers online store, where you can easily place an order for pre-made computers and notebook laptops in addition to also placing an order for a remote and digital diagnosis, depending on what you are looking for and where you are located. Getting the help you need from PCRS for any computer issue or part you are looking for is a way to get the most for your money while also getting a high quality product and service in return.


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